Homegoing for Bro. I.D.

Today we are saddened but rejoicing because Bro. I.D. Riddick went to be with the Lord this afternoon.  He was the Pastor Emeritus at our home church.  He was pastor at our church for 20 years, and after that moved to Florida.  I didn’t know him and Mrs. Nina all that well until about 10 years ago.  My parents always told us about him and we heard about him in sermons from our Pastor (his son).  They came back a little over 10 years ago so that Bro. I.D. could teach in the Seminary.  It was a privilege to study under him for 4 years.  I learned more than words could say.  When I was working at the church I would be heading to the church garage to get something and Bro. I.D. would say “What you doing, son?” And then he would invite me in for a good talk about the ministry.  He was a man that preached the truth of God’s Word without compromise.  He served his country in WWII and he served the Lord after a conversion story that was best told by Him.   He stepped on toes in his sermons but everyone knew how much he loved them.  I am so thankful for the lessons I learned from him.  He will definitely be missed, but he is in a far better place.