A look back at the week

Here on the mission field we get into a routine just like anyone else does.  You have weeks that are ordinary and mundane and then you have weeks where there is hardly time to breathe.  The latter of the two would describe our past week.  It is winter break here so we have been taking advantage of it in the different ministries.  This week we had a play day at the park with our kid’s club, we had the adolescent group over to our house to watch a Christian movie, we had the young adults over for a time of fellowship and Bible study, and we had a couple of families over for lunch on different days.  All that packed in with our normal responsibilities and it was a very full week.  Building relationships, “spending” and “being spent”, is exhausting but the blessings the Lord gives through it are well worth it.  Seeing friendships and relationships grow and people maturing spiritually are just some of the blessings!

Perks of Peru

A lot of times as a missionary it is easy to focus on the negative aspects of the country you serve in.  I definitely have to watch myself with this.  Some days it is just easier to focus on the negative – for me that usually tends to be Mondays!  That being said, there are a lot of positives to living in Peru.  One of those is that manual labor and technical labor are much cheaper than in the U.S.  I was very glad of this when, as to my surprise, I found out our truck had a leak (that I couldn’t find) in one of the radiator hoses.  I reluctantly called our mechanic.  He came and picked up the truck from our house, kept it for about 24 hours, and brought it back to our house for a whopping $48.  It was just a small hose but he had to take the top of the motor off to get to it and he ended up replacing one of the break hoses that he saw was about to bust.  Now for this one “feel good” story I could give you a dozen more that did not end up with the same positive outcome.  Here’s the thing though, wherever you might be serving the Lord – focus on the positive.  Once you do, you’ll probably find that there are a lot of perks to living in the country that God has placed you.