Great Sunday

Yesterday, the Lord blessed us with a wonderful day.  We had 3 visitors come in the the morning service!  One of the visitors that came was asking someone on the street if there was a Christian church in the area and Josue “happened” to be walking by at the same time.  They came together!

We had an evening service with the group that arrived with Bro. Stanton.  They are from North Carolina and had been in Huanuco, Peru helping a church put up a security wall.  We had 5 of our teen girls show up and 3 others came also.  It was a great service!  Bro. Jim Miller preached and Bro. Stanton translated for him.  During the invitation there were two teen girls who came forward and said that they had put their trust in Jesus as their Saviour!  Obviously, there salvation was an answer to prayer.  We were extatic!  Pray for us as we follow up with them.