Good meetings

This afternoon we had a great Kids club and youth group! The Lord gave us 25 total between the two groups. We played volleyball with the youth this afternoon. They were actually a lot better than I had anticipated. It was great to just see them relax and have fun.

National Transportation Strike

Today there is yet another strike!  This time it’s a national transportation strike.  They are supporting the indigenous groups of the jungle regions who have been on strike for about a month and a half.   The indigenous groups are protesting because (from what I’ve heard) the government has taken some of their lands away and they haven’t been compensated for it.   The national strike is only 24 hours so tomorrow things should be back to normal.

Good weekend

The Lord blessed us with a good weekend! We had 19 at Club Berea and 10 at Club de Jóvenes (youth group)! We praise the Lord they come week after week. We are teaching the kids all about Moses, and the youth are learning “Dare to be different”.  There were also 6 of us for our morning church service!