$100 and a big lesson

Today we were doing one of the mundane things in life – going to the grocery store. I went across the street to withdraw money from the bank when to me “delight” I found our ATM card had expired. This upset me since I was just in the States. Anyways, I thought no big deal I have $100 that I brought from the States – “I’ll exchange it”. I took it to 2 different place and they wouldn’t exchange it because it had a tiny rip on the top middle part. So I went over to the grocery store where Becca was already shopping. I asked them, “Will you accept this bill?” They told me “Yes”. So we did our shopping the girl rang us up at the cash register and I gave her the $100. She looked at it and wasn’t sure if she could accept it! After 5 minutes of looking for her boss she found him and he said they wouldn’t accept it – because of a tare! I was very mad at this point and we walked out without our cart of groceries. It’s a good thing I walked out because I probably would have done something I shouldn’t. So, if you ever come to Peru remember to bring brand new, crisp bills.

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