Our own March Madness

Well we are no going on 3 weeks without water! I’m so sick of hauling buckets. I think I might go crazy if this keeps up too much longer.
I do have good news though. I saw the people moving out of the apartment that we are wanting to rent for the mission! They moved out today so we should get a look at it tomorrow.

Adoption Update

Just wanted to let you all know that we filed for the adoption on Monday (a week ago). Sorry, I forgot to say anything. Now we just have to wait and see if the judge will require anything else of us.

Still going…

We’ve been 10 or 11 days without water! Things are good though. I’m use to carrying a couple buckets after breakfast and dinner, although I would prefer to have running water. My wife deserves a medal though. I know it is much harder for women to go without water, but she’s a trooper! Pray that we get water soon.

6th day without water

Well, it’s now been 6 days that we have had no water! I thank the Lord that the water truck came yesterday. We filled up every bucket we had along with whatever else we had. I’m not sure when we will get water back but I pray it’ll be soon.
We had a good Bible study today. We had a bilingual service because Josue understands English so we did a little in Spanish and English.