Last week we had our first VBS in recent years. We praise the Lord for a great week! We didn’t have as many kids as we thought, but we were in the 20’s throughout most of the week and ended up with a high day of 39! This year we did VBS Tuesday – Saturday so the kids would be use to coming on Saturday for our Kid’s Club. Also we had the prize day on Sunday in hopes that the parents would come. On Sunday we had 24 kids come and 5 parents! We pray this will be a a boost for our children’s ministry. Throughout the course of the week we made contact with about 10 new kids; we will follow up with them for our Kid’s Club. Thank you for your prayers! It was an exhausting week and there was a lot of time and money put into it, but we pray there will be eternal fruit reaped from it all.

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We are Baptist missionaries in Cusco (Cuzco, Qosqo), Peru. We have been in Peru since 2005 and in Cusco since 2007. It is a privilege to serve the Lord in Peru and we hope you enjoy our site.

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