Vacation Bible School

This past week we held our first Vacation Bible school with the mission! The Marks’ family, our friends from Arequipa brought a group from their church on a missions trip to help us with this event.  A lot of preparation and money went in to getting everything prepared (more than I initially thought), but the Lord provided and gave us a great week of ministry.  We had many visiting children from the area of the mission and many regulars from our kid’s club.  We had a total of 44 different children who registered for the week and a high of 29!  We gave away a scooter for the child with the most overall points and we also had 2nd and 3rd place prizes.  It was a great week. Pray for us as try and get in touch with the new children who came and invite them and their families to church. Here are some pictures:

teaching 10-12 year olds
7-9 year olds
4-6 year olds
playing in the park
the group who helped

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