Guinea Pig

Thursday and Friday were holidays here in Peru.  Thursday was “All Saints Day” and then Friday was “Day of the Dead”.  Our family took advantage of the holiday on Thursday to see and do some things we had never done since being in Peru.  We went to a local zoo, visited some Inka ruins we had never seen, and we ate “cuy”, otherwise known as guinea pig.  We had to eat guinea pig because so many people in the U.S. are always asking if we have tried it.  So, after over 7 years in Peru we finally had guinea pig for the first time.  If you have ever eaten squirrel, it tasted a lot like it.  If you have never eaten rabbit or squirrel I guess you would probably say “it taste like chicken”. We had a great day and the Lord allowed us to make some memories for a lifetime. Here is the picture of our “cuy”!

Guinea Pig


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We are Baptist missionaries in Cusco (Cuzco, Qosqo), Peru. We have been in Peru since 2005 and in Cusco since 2007. It is a privilege to serve the Lord in Peru and we hope you enjoy our site.

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