The Lord has blessed us with a good week here in Peru and a good weekend with children’s ministry and church services.  Praise the Lord we had 27 in our kid’s club!  We had several children come from the neighborhood around the church and we look forward to getting to know them and their families.  On Sundays for the next several weeks the municipality of our district – San Jeronimo has started a kind of “get-active” campaign right on the main road in front of our church plant.  They are going to be doing this for the next several weeks and we are planning on doing different things each week to show God’s love and tell people about the church plant. So this morning after our services we walked around giving out gum and invitations to the church.  As far as I know only one person wouldn’t take gum. We were able to invite many other people to church who would have otherwise been in their houses and not open to our invitation. God is good!  Please pray that God would give the increase over the next several weeks!