Questions to ask yourself when facing an important decision

I just finished reading “10 Things Every Minister Needs to Know” by Ronnie Floyd.  I really enjoyed his insights of over 30 years of ministry.  In the last chapter he talked about when facing a decision or going through a transition whether personal, or in the ministry, ask yourself some questions.  Here are the questions he wrote that we need to ask ourselves:

1. Did this opportunity begin with God?

2. Am I willing to do it?: Am I willing to walk away from this as much as I am willing to do it?

3. Is it God’s timing?

4. Is God saying anything to me through James 3:13-18?

5. Does this decision demonstrate the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

6. Does this decision bring glory to God?

7. What is God saying to me?

I know there are always times in life where we would like to have a “do-over”, but how many times would our decisions have turned out for the better had we followed God’s Word and asked ourselves questions like the ones above?

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