A month in

We are a month into our new church plant.  It is hard to believe that 4 Sundays have passed so far.  We are thanking the Lord for those He has brought us.  This morning it was just our family in the services, which I know it shouldn’t be a discouragement, but in all honesty it was.  This evening we had a total of 13 with 7 first time visitors; praise the Lord!  This Sunday and last Sunday in our evening service we have been doing outreach showing the film “Courageous”.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy it and the film really hit home with the issues it dealt with.  Thank you all for your prayers and please continue to pray for us!


Questions to ask yourself when facing an important decision

I just finished reading “10 Things Every Minister Needs to Know” by Ronnie Floyd.  I really enjoyed his insights of over 30 years of ministry.  In the last chapter he talked about when facing a decision or going through a transition whether personal, or in the ministry, ask yourself some questions.  Here are the questions he wrote that we need to ask ourselves:

1. Did this opportunity begin with God?

2. Am I willing to do it?: Am I willing to walk away from this as much as I am willing to do it?

3. Is it God’s timing?

4. Is God saying anything to me through James 3:13-18?

5. Does this decision demonstrate the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

6. Does this decision bring glory to God?

7. What is God saying to me?

I know there are always times in life where we would like to have a “do-over”, but how many times would our decisions have turned out for the better had we followed God’s Word and asked ourselves questions like the ones above?

Church family

            Zunilda and Gabriela

We are excited about the church family that God is giving us here in Cusco with the new church plant.  The young lady above, Zunilda, brought her sister this evening to church and this past Wednesday night she brought her husband.  Zunilda has come faithfully for the past 3 Sundays and 2 Wednesdays.  She told us that she was saved at a church in  Curahuasi (3 hours from us) almost a month ago.  We have started discipleship with her and her husband on Wednesday nights at our Bible study.  Please keep her in your prayers.  She is 22, her husband Fredi is 23, and they have a 2 year old daughter (Gabriela).  

Mother’s Day Services

The Lord blessed us with a great Mother’s Day service this morning!  We had 7 in attendance with 2 being first time visitors!  I believe the Lord is giving us a core group.  Please keep the work in your prayers!  Here are some pictures of the day:

            the moms in attendance
                     enjoying some cake
             Zunilda and Gabriela
                The Chavez Family
               Chachi and the girls