Birthdays and Blessings

Grandma Richardson blowing out her candles
Grandma Richardson blowing out her candles

We have been celebrating birthdays lately.  Rebecca’s Grandma celebrated her 87th birthday on the 15th of January and then I celebrated my 31st on the 18th of January (I have a long way to go to catch up to Grandma).  I was able to celebrate with my twin brother, which was special since we had not celebrated together in several years.  We also got to celebrate with a cousin we call our “triplet” because she was born on the same day and year as us – just 12 hours later!

blowing out 31 candles in one breath!
the "triplets"

We actually celebrated a couple of different times!  Good thing I like cake and ice cream! The Lord has blessed me so much in the first 23 days of this year!  Just to be with family is a blessing we often take for granted.