Weedeater Evangelism

The Lord blessed us with a great weekend of ministry and church!  We had 21 come to kids club and 4 come to our youth group.  We are working with the youth on developing their spiritual lives through Bible reading and prayer.  This morning at church we were blessed with 1 visitor and 1 returning visitor!  Here’s the story behind our visitor:

She is an elderly lady that lives next to the church.  Last Monday I was using a weedeater to cut the church grass and she came over to ask me if I could do her yard.  I told her that I don’t do it as a business and she left it at that.  Then later she came out and asked me again. So, I told her  that I didn’t have much gas left but that I would do as much as I could until the gas ran out.  I just about had her yard finished and then ran out of gas.  She brought me a glass of coke and thanked me profusely for doing as much as I could.  She then started talking to me about our church and I answered the questions she had. After that, she said “Can I come?”  I responded with a resounding “Yes!” and told her that she’s welcome anytime.  This morning she came out her door and walked to church right on time!  Praise the Lord!

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