Berea Club

We had a good kids club on Saturday afternoon.  The Lord blessed us with 19 and 3 of those were first time visitors!  We finished up with the 10th plague yesterday.  If the kids say all 10 in order next week they will get a special prize (not sure what that will be yet).  We also gave a Bible away yesterday to David chiquito (little David).  He’s been coming for a long time, but he finally came 4 Saturdays in a row.  He was happy to get his Bible.

This morning we had 2 in our Bible study.  Our most faithful attendee was not there.  I think he was sick.  We are studying “Living a life of Purpose”.  This weeks lesson really spoke to my own heart.  We are learning about worshipping God and a theme that spun off of that was being a friend of God.  Often as Christians we forget that God wants to hear about our day, from us (even though He already knows all about it).  He wants to hear our praises, our complaints, our problems, and our feelings.  He wants us to be honest and sincere with Him.  This was just part of the lesson that spoke to me.

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We are Baptist missionaries in Cusco (Cuzco, Qosqo), Peru. We have been in Peru since 2005 and in Cusco since 2007. It is a privilege to serve the Lord in Peru and we hope you enjoy our site.

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