In the U.S.

On Sunday afternoon I began my travels from Cusco, Peru to Hamilton, Ohio.  I arrived on Monday afternoon with all my family waiting for me.  It was great meeting my nephews for the first time and seeing my family.  I’ll be here until the 9th of August.  The first few days have flown by.  It seems there’s not enough hours in the day!

my family waiting for me
Justin, Dad and me

School projects

Natali's alpaca project

The girls recently had to do a school project.  Their class is learning about the animals of Peru and each child has to give a little “charla” on their animal.  The girls, with a lot of help from mommy, did their projects on alpacas and sheep.  They had to tell where the animal lives, what it eats, what colors it can be, and what they like most about it.  Neomi likes how sheep “baa” and Natali likes how alpacas spit on people!

Neomi's sheep project

Happy birthday

cake and candles

My wife celebrated another birthday today!  She is ????? years young!  Natali, Neomi, and I are definitely blessed to have a wonderful mother and wife.  She spoils us and works extremely hard as a mother and wife.  I thank the Lord everyday to have a Godly wife working alongside me here in Peru.  Living in Peru makes a lot of normal duties a lot harder and more time consuming but she has adapted and does them all wonderfully. Happy Birthday Becca!