Last Saturday with kids and the youth

This afternoon we had our last official kids club and youth group.  I say “official” because we would still like to get the groups together as time provides when we are in town.  We knew May was probably going to be our last month as the adoption process was winding down.  It was a sad day and a fun day all wrapped into a few hours.  As you say goodbye to children and young teens that you’ve worked with for 3 years you wonder if they’ll still  be around when you get back.  You wonder if you’ll ever see them again or if they even care that you’re leaving.  One thing we don’t wonder about is the fact that we taught them who Jesus is. We taught them that Jesus is the only way to heaven and that Jesus loves them.  We thank God for the blessing and privilege it has been to work with each of them.  So, this afternoon we had a blast!  We sang, played games, ate hot dogs, chips and ice cream, and just enjoyed being together one last time.

playing musical chairs
playing "el cartero"
playing "duck, duck, goose!"
eating hot dogs
the youth eating

Adoption over!!

la consentida

This is a picture of the little piece of paper that we’ve been waiting for the last few months!  This means that the adoption is over!  We are officially Natali and Neomi’s parents and they are officially ours!  It was kind of anticlimactic getting this little piece of paper.  The girls have been with us for so long I guess we just take it for granted that they are ours, only now it’s official!  Praise the Lord!

We need you all to pray for us now because we have to get new birth certificates which means we have to travel to Huanuco again.  The one problem is that the little town where the girls are from is out of registry books and until they get them in we can’t get birth certificates which holds us up on getting to the U.S.  God is good though and He will work it all out!

Trip to Huanuco

I am back from my trip to Huanuco, Peru! (I know the thousands that read this blog will be happy!)  I had to make the trip because we were getting nowhere with the paperwork we sent them.  It’s an hour flight to Lima then an 8 or 9 hour curvy, bumpy bus ride to Huanuco.  I am so thankful the Lord prepared the way for me!  I had virtually no troubles.  I arrived in Huanuco about 7:30 a.m. went to the hotel and got cleaned up and then went to find out about the paperwork.  I went to the judges office who we have been dealing with the whole time (turns out she’s not the one we needed to be dealing with) and they still couldn’t find anything about the previous paperwork.  I told them let’s just forget about the old paperwork and do it over again with what I brought.  They then directed me to another building where I was supposed to turn in the papers to – “Mesa de Partes”.  The lady at the counter wanted me to admit the paperwork but I told her I had permission from the judge to bring it back myself.  She was then kind enough to take me to the judge who handles notifications (we had to notify the biological mom that the adoptions was over).  The judge, named “Ulises”, was very nice and asked me a few questions and then looked at the paperwork.  He told me I could leave it and he would send it back through Olva Courier.  I then told him I had permission to take the paperwork back myself from the judge here in Cusco.  I also told him the biological mom was meeting me at 10 a.m. to sign the papers (they were happy about that since she leaves almost an 1 hour away from there).  In short, the judge was very kind and said that I could pick the papers up the following day at 10 a.m.  I went back the next day and they had everything ready!  I have no doubt the Lord worked it all out with all these various people and prepared the way ahead of me.  Now we have only 1 more step until the adoption is finally final!  Praise the Lord!

New House

our new house

Here is a picture of our new house. You can’t see it all that well but it’s a two story cement house.  We have been moved in now for almost 2 weeks and just got around to taking pictures.  We praise the Lord for allowing us to find a house and get moved in all within a few weeks!  We have everything unpacked and are settling in nicely.  We now have a 4 bedroom house so there’s plenty of room for you all to come and visit us!

A bunny and a bear

Natali the bear
Neomi the bunny rabbit
the whole class

This morning the girls’ class led the chapel service for their school.  The theme and story was Noah’s ark so all the kids were dressed like different animals (dogs, cats, ducks, monkeys, rabbits and bears).  They all did a great job telling the story of Noah and the ark and singing songs.