Trip to Lima

For the thousands 🙂 that read our blog I do apologize for not posting anything lately.  Becca and I had to take a trip to Lima in order to get our carnets in order.  A carnet is kind of like our green card in Peru. It is our visa that shows that we reside in Peru but are not residents of Peru.  Since we are coming up on 5 years in Peru we had to get a whole new card because our old one is full of stickers from paying the annual taxes and fees.  Becca had no problem getting hers; it probably took just a little over an hour. Getting my new carnet was and is a little more complicated.  I returned to the U.S. last January for 2 weeks and when I reentered Peru they stamped my passport as a WORKER instead of as a Religious Non-Catholic.  I found out I couldn’t get my new carnet until that was fixed.  We talked to the people in charge of fixing it and after waiting 4 hours they finally fixed it, which left me about an hour to get my carnet before they closed.  Everything seemed good until I was about to get my new picture taken and they said there was a problem.  Immigrations somehow had me leaving Peru on Nov. 27th, 2006 and never reentering Peru.  Which seems illogical since I was standing right in front of them.  I told them that I had not left the country but they said I couldn’t get my new carnet until this problem was resolved.  It just so happens that my brother left the country on that very day!  Coincidentally, he has the same inicials and birth date as me.  So, I do not have my new carnet but the good news is that I don’t have to return to Lima to get.


Medical Clinic

Today I had the opportunity to help translate for a medical clinic in Huarcarpay.  Huarcarpay was one of the many cities devastated by flooding.  The city was basically leveled by the flooding river.  Many of the people are not allowed to return to what’s left of their houses and the government is going to make them rebuild on higher ground.  They are stuck living in the tents seen below for what will probably be quite awhile, maybe even a year!  It was great to be a part of this medical clinic for a day!  Here are some pictures:

tent village in Huarcarpay
more tents
inside view of a tent
patients waiting
normally the school

Sunny Saturday

We had a beautiful Saturday today and a wonderful time of ministry.  I think the rainy season might be wrapping up soon. Our kids club went great although at first we thought most of the kids had forgotten.  At 3 o’clock we had 2 kids!  Now most of the kids have come long enough to know that we start on time and if they come late they will miss out.  We ended up with 25 and 3 of those were first time visitors!  In our youth group we had 1 visitor and a total of 7.  The youth really had a good spirit this afternoon and we had a lot of fun spending time together and learning from God’s Word!  We looked at Exodus 4 and the excuses that Moses made as to why He couldn’t do what God wanted Him to.  We split them up into 2 teams and gave them .40 cents.  We told them they had 10 minutes to better the .40 cents (whether by buying something or adding to it).  Both teams came back and they had each bought 8 pieces of candy with their money.  Some of them had even thought about selling the candies for more money (which is what we wanted).  The activity was just to tie into the fact that we all have excuses why we can’t do things for God and why we can’t use our talents for Him, but in the end our excuses don’t matter because He is God!

Youth Outing

The Lord blessed us with a great day of ministry today.  We had a good group at our kids club and reviewed the last 3 weeks of lessons on Elijah.  We took our youth/adolescent group out to a Peruvian fast food chain called Bembos for hamburgers and ice cream.  Here are some pictures!

Left to right > Rosa, Nelli and Jordy
Guadalupe and Wendy
Messing around
Becca with the girls
group pic minus Becca

Lost and Found

We just got a call from our lawyer that one of the judges in Huanuco found our paperwork that we had sent back in January!  We praise the Lord for this!  The judge said she would send it back so we could have it sometime next week. God is good even when we don’t deserve it. I have been doubting His will and His purpose in all this.  Just this morning I was working on a sermon while at the same time doubting the Scripture and the words I was writing.  Please forgive me Lord for my lack of faith!  Thank you all for praying!