Fully Committed

Thursday I was visiting with one of the young men that attend our church.  He sells suspensions in downtown Cusco.  We’ve known each other for quite awhile now and he’s been coming to church since before we even had a church!  He’s a great guy and professes to be saved. So, Thursday he told me he wanted to talk to me about something concerning church.  I wasn’t exactly sure if it was going to be good or bad.  It turned out to be good.  He basically told me that I could count on him.  He said he’s committed to our church and in his words “cuenta conmigo” (count on me).  I am so thankful that the Lord has been working on his heart and that he’s taking this step of faith. He wants to get more involved specifically in “inviting people”!

The Cat and the Dog

The Lord blessed us with  good clubs this afternoon.  In kids club we played “el gato y el perro” (the cat and the dog).  The game is played pretty much how it sounds.  The dog chases the cat until he/she gets tagged.  The only catch is that the person who is the cat can tag another person to become the cat.   It’s a simple game but the kids love it. Here are some pictures:

el gato y el perro
more playing
Maria and Arturo getting Bibles