Who would have thought that it would take 2 months for a judge to say “Yes” or “No”?  I wouldn’t have, but unfortunately it’s been almost 2 months and we still have no decision.  Things are coming down to the wire.  The Lord has definitely shown me how much patience I need to wait on Him.  I thought that I was a man with a lot of patience (and maybe I am with people), but I found out something about myself.  With God, I do not want to be patient; I do not want to wait.  I want an answer as soon as I pray, and I want a reply within minutes or days of my request.  I do not want to wait on God, and He is definitely teaching me to wait on His timing.

Berea Club

The Lord blessed us with a great kids club this afternoon.  We had 24 children and 1 was a first time visitor!  Our lesson was on the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.  The kids seemed to have a good time with the lesson.  We had 8 say the 10 plagues.  Only 3 or 4 actually said them in order, but the rest did good saying them.  We also had about 10 say the memory verse!  God is good!

Still no News

We still have no news from about our request for permission.  Even though, they assured us they would make the decision as soon as possible.  The whole adoption process has been very frustrating, but I would have never thought that asking for permission to travel would take over 1 month!  Every time I call our lawyer he tells me “un poco de calma” (take it easy).  I have yet to say anything when he tell me that, but at the same time I’m thinking, “Look, I still have passports to take care of and visas to get, so don’t tell me to take it easy”.  So, for now we’ve heard nothing.

Please be in prayer for Becca.  She fell today and her knee popped out of joint and her backside is really sore.

Berea Club

We had a good kids club on Saturday afternoon.  The Lord blessed us with 19 and 3 of those were first time visitors!  We finished up with the 10th plague yesterday.  If the kids say all 10 in order next week they will get a special prize (not sure what that will be yet).  We also gave a Bible away yesterday to David chiquito (little David).  He’s been coming for a long time, but he finally came 4 Saturdays in a row.  He was happy to get his Bible.

This morning we had 2 in our Bible study.  Our most faithful attendee was not there.  I think he was sick.  We are studying “Living a life of Purpose”.  This weeks lesson really spoke to my own heart.  We are learning about worshipping God and a theme that spun off of that was being a friend of God.  Often as Christians we forget that God wants to hear about our day, from us (even though He already knows all about it).  He wants to hear our praises, our complaints, our problems, and our feelings.  He wants us to be honest and sincere with Him.  This was just part of the lesson that spoke to me.