Club on a “Cancha”

Praise the Lord for a great kids club this morning! We didn’t have a place to meet so we had Berea Club on a soccer court. It was fun! I played soccer with the boys and Becca played different games with the girls. We had snack, did a Christmas craft,
and gave away candy canes. Praise the Lord 20 children came! It was encouraging to see the kids that came and we had a great time.

Youth Outing

This afternoon we didn’t have Berea Club, but we did have Club Juvenil.  We took our youth group to McDonalds and they loved it.  They each got a sundae and a small fry. We praise the Lord that 7 came.  Two of our regulars couldn’t come but it was good to have the 7.  We took some group pictures that I will have to upload and post later.


Who would have thought that it would take 2 months for a judge to say “Yes” or “No”?  I wouldn’t have, but unfortunately it’s been almost 2 months and we still have no decision.  Things are coming down to the wire.  The Lord has definitely shown me how much patience I need to wait on Him.  I thought that I was a man with a lot of patience (and maybe I am with people), but I found out something about myself.  With God, I do not want to be patient; I do not want to wait.  I want an answer as soon as I pray, and I want a reply within minutes or days of my request.  I do not want to wait on God, and He is definitely teaching me to wait on His timing.