I’m back/We’re back

After a very busy but blessed month Becca, Natali, Neomi, and myself are all back under the same roof. I arrived home after 1 canceled flight on Tuesday morning, and my father-in-law left with Kelli and Will on Wednesday afternoon. Praise the Lord we all arrived safely. I was in Cusco’s airport 6 times from December until now! I praise the Lord for the opportunity to spend time with family, friends, and my church family. The Lord really used this trip to re-energize me. I’ll post pictures later.

2 Weeks down

Today marks 2 weeks that Becca has been gone. It certainly does some like much longer, but praise the Lord the girls and me have survived. We will certainly be happy to have Becca/mommy home on Friday. The girls are super excited because they know she’s bringing them home presents, donuts, puppy tinkerbell, and Grandpa, Will and Kelli.

“Quiero estudiar ser un misionero”

“I want to study to be a missionary”, Efrain told me those words today. He said, “I feel like someone is telling me that I should study to be a missionary.” Praise the Lord! We talked further and he said that he wants to learn what I learned. I thank the Lord for this answer to prayer. Now, we just have to see the best way to go about teaching him.