Choose life

Those are two words that stuck out to me as I was reading in Deut. 30:19. Moses said in the last part of that verse, “…therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:” What would happen in 2009 if we as Christians chose to live life according to God and His Word? What would happen if we would stop just existing as Christians and start living as Christians? Those two little words convicted me. I want to choose to live – live the life that God wants and has for me in 2009.

Day One

This was me and the girls first full day without Becca. We managed to do o.k. thanks to my wife already preparing and freezing a lot of meals for us. Plus we went to McDonalds tonight. The girls had a chicken sandwich with a few fries. They were very excited to go. Let’s see how they sleep tonight.

Bye, bye

Well the girls and myself said “goodbye” to Becca this afternoon. It was a very difficult goodbye. I had both girls in my arms and they were both sobbing. They still don’t understand that their mommy is gone for a long time. Every time our dog barks they think she’s home, or they tell me she’s sleeping. This is going to be a long 17 days.