Cusco Land Project

In 2012 the Lord led us to start the Faith Baptist Church in San Jeronimo, Cusco. For the past seven years we have been renting space on one of the main roads in San Jeronimo. By God´s grace we have seen the Lord move and bring together a people for His glory. Currently we are renting two floors of an apartment building for $550.00 per month. One of the main needs the church has in order to be an indigenous church is their own property and building. Real estate is at a high value in Cusco because of tourism. In our area prices range from $500-$1,000 per square meter (a little over 10 square feet). Of late, land prices have started to fall but are still expensive. By God´s grace and help we are seeking to raise $200,000 for property/building. Would you please make this a matter of prayer? Any donations can be sent to our sending church specially marked:

Cusco Land Project c/o Winton Place Baptist Church 4600 N. Edgewood Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45232

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