We have had a blessed weekend! On Friday the girls were in their first Peruvian wedding. A young lady we know was married and wanted the girls to be in her wedding.  Natali and Neomi were so excited to be able to dress up like princesses.  I don’t think the girls have ever seen a wedding in the U.S. so this was a first with them.  Below is a picture of them with the happy couple!

with the happy couple

This morning at church we had our first baptism of the year.  A young man who has been attending for over a year made the decision to be baptized.  He has a great testimony of salvation which took place about 11 years ago.  He comes from another denomination so this was a really big step for him.  We praise the Lord for this blessing!  Below is a picture of the group this morning. The young man who was baptized is the 3rd from the left.

group picture

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